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Lardner, Rice, Plimpton, Albom... Mav Hockey Nation?

UAA Fan Blog fires the first salvo in the first of two Governor's Cup series between Alaska and UAA. There's gonna be more Gov Cup coverage here whenever I finish the second half of the article I'm writing about it.

If, like me, you find words confusing and sometimes mean, UAF Hockey Blog has lots of pretty pictures from Alaska's games this weekend.

Junior Hockey Blog picks up where I left off on the USHL player birthdate situation. Is it really possible to steal a person's identity by just knowing their name and birthdate? If so, that presents a grim picture of our future. "Hey you, gimme some cake.""Why? Is it your birthday?""Wouldn't YOU like to know."

Spartan Hockey Blog is less than positive about Lawson Arena and MSU's performance there. At least it's not football.

Chris Heisenberg says Tyler Gron will play NCAA hockey, and will be taking visits soon.

INCH's Mike Eidelbes is organizing his own Fan Poll, so if you're one of those people that loves to rank things and is having trouble finding a sparring partner to determine whether or not the tiger goes above or below the lion on the Great Chain of Being, perhaps this is the outlet for you.(By the way, I vote tiger over lion, solely based on Detroit sports representation. All I know is that it sure as heck isn't apes, Darwin you a-hole.)

Jay Barriball has become a media darling in his first two weeks as a Gopher, and for good reason. He's a tiny kid that works hard, and has had better success than anyone expected. The Star Trib's Dean Spiros has the latest Barriball story. Barriball started the Maine game listed on the Gophers fourth line, and has already made the quick ascension to the first line.

Blake Wheeler had a lot of lofty expectations placed on him when Wayne Gretzky drafted him 5th overall. Wheeler is working to live up to that. A big part of that is becoming more physical and scoring more ugly goals.

Shane Frederick's game notes for Minnesota State include some stuff about the Mavericks extended penalty kill on Saturday night. It also talks about sophomore goalie Mike Zacharias who was schedule to start on Thursday night, but suffered a groin injury in warm-ups. Sophomore Dan Tormey got the start instead, and the Mavericks had to play without a back-up goalie. If Tormey was forced to come out of the game, next in line for the Mavericks would have been senior center Travis Morin. It's really no joke when people say that Morin can do it all for the Mavericks.

Whoever is editing over at the Alaska Daily News is probably in some trouble today, since he/she said the wrong team won. Oops.