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Minnesota State lost a pretty good defensive recruit. I'm pretty disappointed, as I was looking forward to seeing Carlson in a Maverick uniform.

Hockey's Future's college hockey writer, DJ Powers, previewed the WCHA from an NHL prospect standpoint.

Goon's World was bothered by what I said about North Dakota's recruiting class, as were a number of North Dakota fans. For the record, I never said Evan Trupp, Jake Marto and Derrick Lapoint(I don't include Hamilton since he's not really a recruit, and, well, let's just say that I'm familiar with his work) weren't nice prospects, but I think any coach would have taken the group that has committed to Minnesota or Wisconsin over what North Dakota had. You could even make a strong argument for some of the other schools in the WCHA.

Let's Go DU kept a travelogue of their journey to Oxford, Ohio for the Icebreaker tourney.

INCH has started their Hobey Watch List.

So the new NAHL commissioner isn't supporting hockey in Santa Fe, and apparently the city councilman aren't either.