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Crumbelievable Quote of the Week

In case you were wondering, I never got around to writing any sort of weekend recap. Sorry. Wasn't the stuff from the Hall of Fame game awesome though? At least I thought so. Anyway, Adam Wodon has analysis of the weekend over at College Hockey News, and I heartily endorse that event and/or product.

Now, onto the Crumbelievable Quote of the Week. In case you were wondering, no, this isn't actually sponsored by Kraft Foods. Though if they wanted to send me some cheddar(the money or the cheese, whichever), I'd be cool with that. And yes, this is kind of ripping off Stephen Colbert. But keep in mind that if I didn't rip off other people's good ideas, you'd be stuck reading about my crappy ideas, and nobody wins there.

This week's winner is Notre Dame sophomore forward Erik Condra, who took a shot at Notre Dame fans for not giving him his props for beating up on a Canadian school in an exhibition game. Take a look:

Condra finished his hat trick a minute later when he took a feed from Deeth and went five-hole from the right circle, chasing Kalleitner from the game. Not one hat found its way to the ice, though.

"This is South Bend," said Condra. "We've got to teach our fans about those classic traditions, I guess."

Far be it from me to defend Notre Dame fans, but come on. Maybe someone should teach Condra about the classic tradition of beating up on CIS schools(unless you're Mankato, of course). It's really not that big of a deal. I'm fairly sure Erik Condra didn't even know Windsor had a university prior to seeing them show up on the schedule and now he wants all the credit for helping to beat them? These games are glorified practices against a bad scout team. Throwing your hat on the ice for that is a waste of a perfectly good hat(although most of those hats were presumably Notre Dame hats, so it wouldn't have been too much of a waste). And given my experiences with the wonderful staff at the Joyce Center, I doubt they'd give those hats back. Condra probably should have been tipped off as to the quality of his opponents when Windsor gave up two shorthanded breakaways to him in the first period.

When Condra scores his hat trick this Thursday, then he should expect to see a barrage of headwear. But to expect hats for popping in three goals against a lowly Canadian punching bag is just crumbelievable.

On a totally different note, the article linked above mentioned the $12.5 million dollar donation for a new basketball facility, and Jeff Jackson's optimism over the fact that a new hockey arena is the next fundraising priority.

Jeff Jackson said in the article, "[Dave Poulin and I] both know that we need to find one guy like Mr. Purcell. We need to find one guy who wants to name the building after them. And that person will have a lot of pride someday because that person will be part of one of the top hockey programs in the country for years to come."

Notre Dame alum Don Lucia was asked about Notre Dame's facility situation on Saturday night, and Lucia said that if he ever won the lottery, he'd be more than willing to write that check for a new arena.