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Cichy Shocker

Mike Cichy, a forward on the NTDP U17 team, who many expected to go to the QMJHL next season has surpisingly committed to North Dakota for the 2008 season.

This is a great pick-up for North Dakota if Cichy does indeed stay away from the QMJHL.


A lot of the surprise with Cichy comes from last August, when he told the Halifax Mooseheads(incidentally, if you think that nickname is bad, it's way better than their rivals, the Victoriaville Moosebottoms) that he would report to them next season. Halifax has some money to throw at their prospects, and by committing to a college, Cichy gains back a lot of the leverage he gave up by saying he would report to Halifax. Also, if Cichy doesn't get a deal that he likes, he still has the scholarship to North Dakota.

Cichy was considered a longshot to ever go to a college before today. That changed a little bit today, but I think still think it's a longshot for him to actually show up on campus. It should be a long summer of anxious waiting for North Dakota fans to see if Cichy returns to the NTDP next year, or signs with Halifax.


Brad Schlossman of the GF Herald as more on Cichy's commitment. He's a bit more optimistic on Cichy sticking with his commitment to UND, and there were some quotes from Cichy indicating that he would stick with it. Of course, that could all change this summer if Halifax offers him a lot of money.