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Bonus Linkorama

So WCH is setting all sorts of traffic records today because of this Jon Merrill story, so, ya know, thanks to him and stuff.

A little more info on Merrill, for those interested. The Scouting News has him as one of their top 10 prospects among 1992 birthdates in North America, which is pretty high honors. He has the potential to be the next Jack Johnson if he continues to develop as expected.

UNO's 10th anniversary logo looks a lot like an old Super Bowl logo. (Via MavRick)

There's a potentially ugly situation in Saginaw involving 5 Saginaw Spirit players and a 15 year old girl. There's some fairly high-profile players involved, including New Jersey's first round pick last summer, Matt Corrente, and Zach Torquato, who was projected to go in the top 2 rounds of this year's draft.

The Mankato Free Press' Shane Frederick writes about how much we all miss David Backes and Ryan Carter. Technically Kyle Peto too
, but Nick Canzanello already looks like a more than suitable replacement. He also talks about the snazzy new banners hanging inside the Midwest Wireless Center, which were suggested by yours truly earlier in the summer.

I should probably throw in that USHL forward Jack Downing committed to Vermont. He played for Taft Prep last year out East, and was pretty much guaranteed to commit to a college out East, but he's good enough to merit mentioning.

Anyone else notice that last week, I hit a sore spot with UAA fans with the Governor's Cup thing, and this week I hit a sore spot with UND fans about their recruiting class? I suppose I'm just working up my through the WCHA. On tap next week: Hey UMD, how come you guys play in such a crappy arena? Why don't you build a new one?

The new experimental rules were mostly met with confusion in Ann Arbor. Also, Antoine Pitts continues his vendetta against The Great Jim Hunt, and Michigan added walk-on Eric Elmblad to the team. He can play either forward defense, but will likely end up on defense, especially next year.

Saturday's Michigan vs. Connecticut could be the least attended Michigan game in years, since the Michigan vs. Penn State football game is scheduled to start half an hour after the puck drops. Allow me to join the curmudgeonly media and whine "Why can't games start at noon anymore"? The night start means I'm stuck taping the game on Saturday, which does not make me pleased.

The Denver Post's Mike Chambers says DU players have mixed feelings about Paul Statsny leaving DU for the pros, and that they were "a little irked" about his departure, but then all the quotes from the players express happiness and well-wishes from his former teammates.

He also talks about DU's goalie situation. George Gwozdecky mentioned he could decided on one goalie and play him as a full-time starter this year, but after one weekend, nobody has emerged as a solid number one, so they'll continue with the platoon system.