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Some NHL Stuff

We're close to the college hockey season, but not quite there yet, and since I can't excited about writing my last three CCHA previews, let's take a quick look around the NHL.

Chris Pronger wins the fictional award for best quote I've heard in a while, talking about the treatment he's received since demanding a trade from Edmonton to Anaheim:
"Fans are's the nature of the beast"

O RLY? Three months ago, Pronger was all about Edmonton, and then suddenly decided he must be traded away from Edmonton immediately, and he's going to call the fans fickle? It's kind of like when Jayson Blair went on a speaking tour to talk about journalism ethics, or if Kyle Orton started lecturing fans about sobriety.

Unless, of course, it's not a matter of Pronger actually being fickle, and it's a mattter of that story about him knocking up the TV reporter being true. But nah, that couldn't be.

Noted college hockey hater Jacques Lemaire was pissed that some of his glorious Eastern Europeans/French-Canadians weren't performing well in camp:

Lemaire did not name names but did say older kids and younger kids were among those making him angry, enough that he considered changing his lineup for tonight's game.

"We'll see," he said. "I have to cool off first. A lot of guys wouldn't go right now. I have to go in my dark place and relax a bit."

Have fun in your dark place, Jacques. I'm still amazed you can get your whole head in there.

The NHL's newest fashion is apparently hockey jerseys for her. They're pink with a more contoured fit for the ladies. Who are the ad wizards that came up with that one?

Finally, some potentially life-saving advice that I think we could all use. This comes from the FAQs for the Carolina Hurricanes RBC Center:

How cold is it in the RBC Center? What should I wear to a hockey game?

During hockey games, a building temperature of 63 degrees (F) is maintained to keep a suitable ice surface for play. For other events where the ice is covered with an insulated sub-floor, building temperature is usually 68-70 degrees.

Many hockey fans have found the best manner of dress to be layered clothing.

Well you can never go wrong with layers. Not quite as good as the Alaska is in the United States FAQ, but still good.