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College Hockey News has an newly revamped blog that's being run the same guys that brought you Clarkson Hockey Fans. The site looks great so far, and they linked to me, which is always a great way to start. Plus, the site uses WordPress, which is much nicer blogging software. I wish those guys the best of luck. I had passed on that job last year because it's a lot of stuff to cover, but I think they will do a very nice job with it.

Why do people have a problem with this? So you may have thought that after losing Mike Hoeffel and Nick Pryor to the NTDP, and losing some very good seniors off of last year's excellent team, Hill-Murray High School in St. Paul might be hurting this season. Not so much. Hockey Thoughts is reporting that Hudson, Wisconsin forward Andy Singerhouse is transferring to Hill-Murray for this year. Also, GopherPuckLive mentions St. Cloud Cathedral forward Monte French moved to the Cities and will be attending Hill-Murray this year. Both players attended their respective National Select Festivals this summer. I'm pretty sure that regardless of what the circumstances were for these kids, people will probably criticize Hill-Murray for "recruiting" to rebuild their team.

It's a tough break for St. Cloud Cathedral too. They looked like an up and coming team with French only a sophomore this year, and freshmen defemsenan Nate Schmidt, but French is already gone, and Schmidt will likely leave next year to play for the NTDP, leaving Cathedral without a big core of their team.

East Coast forward Joey Diamond committed to Maine this past weekend for 2008. So far as I know, he never seriously considered an western schools, but he's a good player, who finished second in scoring at the Select 17 Festival this past summer. He's the second high-profile recruit Maine has gotten for 2008, after they picked up Kelen Corkum earlier this summer.

Joe Brock, who played at Shattuck-St. Mary's committed to everyone's favorite school, Holy Cross, for the 2007 season this past weekend. Though he played at Shattuck, it seemed pretty likely that Brock would end up playing his college hockey out East. It's kind of surprising to see him end up at a smaller Atlantic Hockey school though. He's a good player and a nice pick-up for the Crusaders.