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News and Rumors

There seems to be a clamoring for info about 2007 recruit Brad Malone, which makes sense since he's probably the best available that hasn't committed yet. I haven't really found a lot though. This comes with a pretty big warning sticker on it, but a poster on a North Dakota message board claims that he talked to Sioux Falls coach Kevin Hartzell, who said that Malone has narrowed his choices down to North Dakota and Wisconsin, and will be visiting Wisconsin next week. Again, internet rumors and such, but at least it's something.

INCH released their Top 20 Freshmen Defenseman. Again, I've got no real qualms with the list.

The BCHL has an article up about Wisconsin recruit Kyle Turris.

Minnesota held their annual IronMan Competition, or as I like to call it, the real reason Phil Kessel went pro. Evan Kaufmann won the award as most fit Gopher.

Carolina is still trying to sign Jack Johnson. The Canes are hurting on defense, and could use Johnson, but I doubt Johnson will sign until after the college season is over.