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Maybe the OHL Isn't So Bad

This is great stuff. Apparently, the Saginaw Spirit of the OHL will be naming their new mini-mascot after something from the Colbert Report. My money is on the new mini-mascot either being named "Anger" or "Don't Vote for Hilary".

Video from the event will be on the Report on Monday, and Stephen should be donning his Saginaw Spirit jersey.

Even better was the Sagnasty's news article on the event. My favorite part:

He and his wife, Evelyn-McGee Colbert, have three children, Madeline, Peter and John, Child Magazine reports.

Oh sure it looks benign. But go back and read the article and try to figure out why in the hell that seemingly random paragraph got stuck in there. To point out that his baby eagle Stephen Jr. isn't in fact his biological child? Staff writer that got paid 17 cents for writing this article, you're on notice for article-padding.