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College hockey guru(a real one, not a fake one like me) Mike Machnik came in for a guest post on the College Hockey News Blog about Boston University's threat to kick out anybody that swears at hockey games. This issue is getting a lot of press now, mainly because the Boston Red Sox aren't in the playoff hunt anymore, but it's something Michigan threatened to do for some time. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing student sections stop working blue, if only because of the lack of creativity. If you watch college basketball, they have the same wild crowds, but you rarely see the type of language that you do at hockey games. Somehow those people can survive without swearing, and I think college hockey fans can do the same.

But on the other hand, when you're watching a league where an official can go to the video replay booth to check a goal and still have to be corrected on who actually scored the goal, I can understand letting a few colorful words fly.

The UAA Fan Blog has his own opinion on the issue. I really hate to say it, but just like this month's Cosmo told me that butts are the new boobs, I'm gonna have to say that terrorists are the new Nazis. Just don't go there. Also, "islamofascist" is a not a word, but that's a rant nobody here needs to read.

INCH has part three of their recruiting previews up with the Top 10 freshmen goalies. Joe Palmer and Alex Stalock rightfully top the list, and then things get a little thin. Jase Weslosky comes in at number 4, and you could make the argument that if he had waited until 2007 to come to college, he would have been lower than 4 on the 2007 list. And INCH let their inner-Sparty shine through by sneaking a Jason Muzzatti reference in at the end of the list.

Speaking of which, Jason Muzzatti is surpringly still playing pro hockey(at least as of last year) in Italy. That probably doesn't mean anything to anyone reading this, but I thought it was interesting.

I mentioned yesterday that Brad Malone was probably the best available player for the 2007 recruiting class. The other really elite level forward that belongs in the same class as Malone looks to be Salmon Arm(BCHL) forward Riley Nash. Most of the top western schools will likely try to recruit Nash, though they could face stiff competition from the Ivy leagues. Nash's brother, Brendan, currently plays at Cornell.

Notre Dame is excited about their upcoming recruiting classes, and rightfully so. They're going to have two great classes in a row in the next two years. The joke is on the players though, since they're the ones stuck having to play in the Joyce Center.

The Terrier Hockey Fan Blog says Ryan Bourque(ESPN informs me that he's Ray's son, ad nauseum) unofficially visited BU. Bourque is a 1991 birthday and a 2010 recruit, but is a name to keep an eye on.

The Scouting News gave out some free info about players whose stock has been rising lately. The names of interest for college hockey are Michigan recruit Robbie Czarnik, Wisconsin recruit Nick Pryor, 2009 recruit Eric Ferber, and 2010 recruit Kenny Ryan.

Czarnik is starting to be seen as a potential first round NHL draft pick. That's good news and bad news for Michigan fans. He's at the NTDP this season, but there's still another two years before he makes it to Michigan, giving Oshawa, or some other OHL team, plenty of time to lure him away from college. Pryor has been talked about a lot here. He seems to be in a better situation in Ann Arbor than he was at Hill-Murray, and he's got a better opportunity to showcase his talent. Ferber is still a bit unknown, at least in terms of colleges, but Phoenix should have some of the better midget programs in the country(I'm serious), and he should develop a lot of attention. He'll be coached by former UMD star Jim Johnson. Kenny Ryan looks like he could be the star of the 2010 recruiting class(yes, I know it's early). I wouldn't be surprised if he made the NTDP next year, which would mean he would have the awkward year after playing two years with the NTDP where he'd have to go to the USHL or something.

I keep forgetting to mention this, but Chris Heisenberg has his list of top recruits posted. His list looks fairly close to mine.