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New blog alert.There's a new blog out there covering Division I's youngest member, RIT, with a site called RIT Corner Crew. It's exciting on a couple of fronts because it looks to be extremely well done, and it's always good to have more coverage of the smaller conferences. Maybe next year we'll know a little more about the Atlantic Hockey team that ruins Minnesota's season.

Like me, but smarter.
My "You Have To" feature on my college hockey previews, which was added in at the end as an afterthought, has been tremendously popular, which is good in the sense that people are reading it, but bad in the sense that I still haven't been to half these towns, so my info is a little weak. One such place is Anchorage. Luckily, the UAA Fan Blog has got you covered if you ever travel to Anchorage.

Meet the New Boss. released their annual Top 20 Forward Recruits list, and not surprisingly, Kyle Okposo tops it. Rhett Rakhshani comes in second, after reportedly having a great summer. One thing I found interesting is that three players on the list were projected as 2007 recruits(Tyler Ruegsegger, Dion Knelsen, and Jay Barriball), but were called in a year early after offseason departures.

They Make Isiah look like a genius
. The New York Islanders signed former BU goalie Rick DiPietro to a 15 year contract. No, I'm serious. I couldn't lie about something that stupid. DiPietro's contract will run until he's 40 years old, but I can guarantee you that there is no possible way that he sees the end of this contract with the Islanders. I honestly feel sorry for Kyle Okposo, Rhett Rakhshani, and Jase Weslosky for getting drafted into that mess of an organization.

I'm Not Gonna Get Mad... Oh wait, yes I am. Rant time. So after being one of the last team's to update their roster, you'd think that when they did, the Minnesota State roster would be totally sweet, right? If by "totally sweet" you mean, no profiles for the freshmen, and didn't bother to add in last year to the returning players profiles, you'd be correct. All summer and they basically just took 24 pictures. Way to go. And then yesterday, the school sent out an email asking if people would be willing to pay $50 a ticket for a concert that student fees are supposed to pay for. Also, I had said yesterday that it sounded like Austin Sutter would be back after falsely being accused of a crime, but alas, he is not. It's a good thing I'm not a ninja, because if I was, I'd totally be flipping out killing stuff right now.

Chris Heisenberg
points out that Kevin Mole and Steve Tarasuk are playing in the OHL rather than going the college route. Mole was on the 2007 Board, and Tarasuk probably should have been.