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Special thanks to someone at the Chicago Tribune who found my site by Googling about Michigan State's world record-setting sorghum field. That may be one of my favorite Google searches to find this site.

More Zabkowicz Kevin Allenspach has the informative real media update on Sam Zabkowicz's commitment to St. Cloud. It sounded like Zabkowicz's first choice would have been Wisconsin, but the Badgers don't have much room for defenseman.

This is the second defenseman St. Cloud has gotten in as many weeks, and it's becoming clear what style of hockey Bob Motzko wants to play at St. Cloud. Both Zabkowicz and Tyler Kieffer, who committed last week, are very offensive-minded defenseman. I think it's interesting that St. Cloud took those two defenseman over local prospects Matt Crandell and Alex Stuart, who are more defensive-minded players. Of course, I don't know all the circumstances of the situation and maybe St. Cloud has offers out to those players and they're not interested, but it certainly looks like Motzko is more interested in creating a faster, more offense-oriented team.

Minnesota State Mankato is trying to make up for being one of the last team's in the country to update their roste for this season, by giving out a preseason press release. Freshmen forwards will outnumber returning forwards for the Mavericks this seaosn. Good news for Maverick fans is that Austin Sutter is mentioned, after there was some question about whether or not he'd return to school. Forward Shane McCormick and defenseman Brent Cummings are no longer listed.

It's important because I wrote it. I wrote articles on Little Jutting's Urban Achievers. And proud of them we are.

The BCHL got underway last weekend. Wade MacLeod is the league's leading scorer with 8 points in two games. He averaged a point per game last year in the BCHL, after being called up from his Junior B early last year.

More familiar names Kyle Ostrow(DU) and Ben Winnett(Michigan), are tied for second in scoring with 6 points after two games.

also started play last weekend. 20 year old Dustin Sather leads the league in scoring with a goal and seven assists through three games. '89 birthdate Tyler Gron, who remains uncommitted, is third in scoring with 6 points after 3 games.

Almost forgot Hockey Thoughts has a very nice Elite League Recap posted. Ryan McDonagh played well. Tyler Johnson continues to look like he's going to dominate this year. He also agrees with me that Joe Gleason should be a great prospect. It's an interesting read.