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Condolences WCH's condolences go out to Bloomington Jefferson forward Josh Levine, and his family, after his father, Joel, died of an apparent heart attack, while helping with a preseason training program. It's a very sad story, and thoughts and prayers go out to the Levine family.

Ooh Pretty There's a lot of changes to the linklist on the sidebar. I've added a bunch of sites and updated some things that desperately needed updating. The Chris Heisenberg link is now for the more applicable 2007 page, and my link for 2006 recruits now goes to the more recent May edition, rather than the older January edition. I also purged a few sites that while excellent, didn't really fit in with the blog.(And for the record, the blogs on the linkbar are in no particular order. You're all special to me in your own seperate way. Hugs, kisses, etc.)

And of course, as soon as I update the list, I find a new blog out there. Terrier Hockey looks like a promising new fan blog. It's good to see college hockey blogs starting to work their way out East.

Minnesota Elite League hockey got under way last weekend. Let's Play Hockey recapped the event. Justin Johnson from Eau Claire led the scoring in the first weekend. This weekend's games are in New Hope, Minnesota and at on the Minnesota campus the following weekend. Like last year, I'll try to make it there at least once.

The Tech Hockey Blog interviewed three Huskies about the team's skating treadmill. Ryan Angelow mentions he's not a great skater twice, and Jordan Foote mentions vomitting twice. It's like Michigan Tech hockey in a nutshell.

College Hockey News previewed the top games of the first half. All but the obligatory small conference mention and obligatory BC/BU match-up feature teams in the West. The good news is that I have tentative plans to attend and hopefully cover a couple of those games.

Let's Go DU notes that Michelle Kwan is now a student at the University of Denver.

Out East New Hampshire picked up a commitment for 2008 from Steve Moses, a forward who will be playing in the USHL this season.

Kenny Ryan aka the-brother-of-the-guy-who-shares-time-with-Zoltan! will be playing for Detroit Honeybaked again, despite receiving USHL and prep school offers, according to The Scouting News. That's probably a wise choice. Ryan is good, but would probably struggle against the older competition in the USHL and could possibily hinder his development. Of course, if he wants to follow in his father's footsteps and go to Notre Dame, rather than following his obviously more intelligent brother, I say hinder away.