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Holding Steady

So if we've determined that teams rarely come back to win when trailing after two periods, which teams did the best job of holding onto those leads? Here's the records for each team when leading after two periods in conference play.

Alaska Fairbanks: 9-0-2
Bowling Green: 6-0-2
Ferris State: 6-1-0
Lake Superior: 7-1-3
Miami: 17-1-0
Michigan: 12-2-2
Michigan State: 11-1-1
Nebraska-Omaha: 10-1-2
Northern Michigan: 13-2
Notre Dame: 10-0-3
Ohio State: 8-2-0
Western Michigan: 5-0-0

This basically confirms what most Michigan already knew, which is that they were one of the worst teams in the league in terms of holding a third period lead. Ohio State was the only team with a worse winning percentage.

Here's what the WCHA looks like.

Alaska-Anchorage: 3-2-0
Colorado College: 11-1-1
Denver: 12-0-0
Michigan Tech: 4-0-1
Minnesota: 15-1-2
Minnesota-Duluth: 4-0-0
Minnesota State: 10-0-0
North Dakota: 15-2-0
St. Cloud: 9-0-2
Wisconsin: 16-0-1

The number that sticks out the most is how shockingly bad Anchorage was with third period leads. We determined last post that the average percentage for a comeback win was about 11%, and Anchorage gave up a comeback win 40% of the time. The other teams to give up a comeback win were surprising. I doubt anyone would have expected Minnesota and North Dakota to be next worst on the list.