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Fantasy College Hockey: The Forwards

Thanks again to Almington for this excellent draft preview. It is a million times better than anything I would have been able to come up with on my own. Here is the third and final installment on the forwards.

Here's what he had to say about the forwards:

Early departures significantly depleted the stock of forwards this off season as 15 top flight forwards, most of who would have been 1st or 2nd round picks left for the pro ranks. This is a major factor in making the forward position very thin as only the top 10 or 15 are can't miss picks and only the top 35 or 40 are truly quality picks. The CCHA is by far the deepest on returning talent whereas the WCHA is the thinnest. There are about 25 or 30 players who could seriously be considered for the slots 40 to 50, I simply selected the 10 who I thought would be most likely to have a major season. This is a group of players who are expected to step up and be the offensive leaders on their teams, and for every one that does there will be one or two that don't. Since there are only enough quality picks to fill about half the forward rosters spots it may be a prudent draft strategy, that unless you have the opportunity to select one of the elite goaltenders or super offensive defensemen, to fill your forward slots early in the draft.

1. Brian Boyle –BC
2. T.J. Oshie –UND
3. Jonathan Toews –UND
4. T.J. Hensick –UMI
5. Jonathan Matsumoto –BGSU
6. Ryan Dingle –DU
7. Scott Parse –UNO
8. Nathan Davis –Miami
9. Brett Hemingway –UNH
10. Tyler Burton –Colgate
11. Ben Cottreau –Mercyhurst
12. Pierre-Luc O’Brian –Sacred Heart
13. Chad Rau –CC
14. Bryan Lerg –MSU
15. Jack Skille –UW
16. Travis Morin –MSM
17. Jamie Bates –Quinnipiac
18. Andrew Gordon –SCSU
19. Kevin Porter –UMI
20. Peter MacAurther –BU
21. Kyle Okposo –UMN
22. Ted Cook –Niagara
23. Ryan Jones –Miami
24. Ryan Duncan –UND
25. Nick Dodge –Clarkson
26. Blake Wheeler –UMN
27. Darin Olver –NMU
28. Josh Soares –Maine
29. Bryan Marshall –UNO
30. Bear Trapp –Sacred Heart
31. David Jones –Dartmouth
32. Andrew Cogliano –UMI
33. Jacob MicFlickier –UNH
34. Brian Leach –Quinnipiac
35. Chad Kolarick –UMI
36. Scott Champagne –Mercyhurst
37. Tom Fritsche –OSU
38. Ryan Stoa –UMN
39. Mason Raymond –UMD
40. Tim Crowder -MSU
41. Torrey Mitchell -UVT
42. Les Reaney –Niagara
43. Dan Riedel –FSU
44. Curtis Fraser –UAF
45. Peter Lenes –UVT
46. Jon Rheault –PC
47. Mike Santorelli –NMU
48. Chris Myhro –Uconn
49. Mike Howe -UMN
50. Josh Sciba -ND