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Fantasy College Hockey Draft Preview: Goalies

Last year, you may remember that I put together a draft list for Fantasy College Hockey purposes. There aren't too many leagues out there, but there are a few. I wasn't going to this year, just because I hadn't devoted much time to putting one together. Luckily, blog reader and USCHO poster 'Almington' has taken the lead and is helping everyone out by allowing me to post his fantasy college hockey draft ratings.

We'll start with the goalies. I'll let Almington take over and explain further:

Because goalie performance is directly tied to a teams record you can't rank a goalie only based off his own ability. As such the best picks are the fundamentally sound goalies on the best teams because they should put up the most solid numbers, as they should be able to steal a game when the team isn't playing well and the team can compensate when the goalie isn't playing well. Elliott (141 fantasy points) and Schneider (118 fp) are the top 2 returning players from last year are great examples elite goalies on top-level teams. As such they should be among the first players selected in the draft. As we move down the list the goalies from teams that are more defensively orientated are ranked higher then the goalies from teams who play more offensive styles as shutouts play such an important role in goalie points. In compiling this list, a combination of goalie stats (GAA and save %) along with previous year(s) fantasy point production along with general team expectations for this upcoming season were used. This list is far from inclusive and it's quite possible that an unknown goalie will out-perform many on this list. Additional biases are included for goalies who I have observed in person, mostly WCHA and CCHA goalies.

1.Corey Schneider –BC
2.Brian Elliot –UW
3.Bryan Lerg –MSU
4.Mark Dekanich –Colgate
5.Bobby Goepfert –SCSU
6.Joe Fallon –Vermont
7.John Curry –BU
8.Kellen Briggs –UMN
9.Ben Bishop –Maine
10.David Leggo –Clarkson
11.Bill Zanaboni –NMU
12.Philppe Lamoureux –UND
13.Mike Devine –Dartmouth
14.Jason Smith –Sacred Heart
15.Jeff Zatkoff –Miami
16.Charlie Effinger –Miami
17.Peter Mannino –DU
18.Glenn Fisher –DU
19.Tyler Sims –PC
20.Matt Zaba –CC
Billy Sauer –UMI

WCH's Thoughts:

Goalies are the college hockey equivalent to running backs in fantasy football. It's probably the most important position. I really like the way this list looks. One thing to keep in mind is how much playing time a goalie will be getting. For example, off this list, Glenn Fisher could be relegated to a back-up role, rather than starting every other game, as was mentioned here last week. Kellen Briggs could lose starting time to Jeff Frazee. Matt Zaba could even get challenged for playing time by Drew O'Connell or Chris Kawano.

As far as a couple potential sleepers, I really like the inclusion of Billy Sauer at the bottom of the list. He's a year older, and has a great defense playing in front of him. He could be a real steal. Another goalie that I'll probably have pretty high on my list is Jeff Jakaitis of Lake Superior. As you'll see later this, I'm pretty high on Lake Superior despite a very young defense. Alaska-Fairbanks has two great goalies in Wylie Rogers and Chad Johnson as well.