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Down the Stretch

This is the third part of my series about the importance of the third period. This time I'll be looking at what happened in games where a team went into the third period with the score tied.

We'll start again with the CCHA.

Alaska-Fairbanks: 2-1-1
Bowling Green: 1-3-0
Ferris State: 2-2-4
Lake Superior: 4-0-2
Miami: 3-1-0
Michigan: 0-2-3
Michigan State: 2-2-4
Nebraska-Omaha: 1-1-2
Northern Michigan: 0-0-2
Notre Dame: 0-1-0
Ohio State: 1-2-2
Western Michigan: 1-2-2

Aside from Lake Superior on the good side, and Michigan on the bad side, things are pretty equally spread out. I think that speaks to the parity you see in the CCHA.

And now for the WCHA.

Alaska-Anchorage: 1-4-2
Colorado College: 2-2-1
Denver: 4-2-1
Michigan Tech: 2-1-2
Minnesota: 4-1-1
Minnesota-Duluth: 2-2-3
Minnesota State: 2-0-3
North Dakota: 1-2-0
St. Cloud: 2-6-0
Wisconsin: 1-1-1

The top two teams in the league ended up being the top two in this stat. St. Cloud was terrible in this stat, and maybe if they had been a little better, they might have made the NCAA tournament.