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CCHA Media Day

The CCHA had their Media Day, and as promised, I didn't get a chance to watch. It doesn't sound like I missed anything too interesting though. Just the usual coach speak about how they're excited and what not.

The two highlights of the day are the preseason polls and the preseason all-conference teams. So without further ado:


It's a rare year where the coaches and media disagree on the top team. The coaches picked Michigan State, while the media likes Michigan, though Michigan State did get the most first place votes in the media poll. Miami is the consensus third place pick. There's chaos and confusion the creamy center of the league, and Lake Superior, Bowling Green, and Western Michigan are the consensus picks to finish at the bottom of the league, in that order. Apparently I didn't talk many people onto the Lake State bandwagon. Then again, looking at past picks, it's not like the coaches or media ever have any great insight into who the league's surprise team will be.

All-Conference Teams

Again, no real surprises. Michigan has half of the first team All-CCHA. Parse, Matsumoto and Jakaitis are the only players not from the projected top three teams to make the list.