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2 Big Recruits for CCHA

So I'm currently stuck with the allergies/cold I get whenever the seasons change, so I decided to lay down and take a nap for a couple hours, and apparently all hell breaks lose.

Detroit Honeybaked defenseman Cam Fowler, who I raved over at the Select 15 Festival, and is potentially a top 5 NHL draft pick in his draft year, has committed to Notre Dame for 2009. Fowler is a great player, and a huge recruiting coup for Jeff Jackson. It's apparent that they're going to be for real for a number of years to come.

Michigan, one of the schools that was extremely interested in Fowler, picked up an excellent consolation prize, in forward Chris Brown. Brown played AAA hockey in Dallas last season, but will be moving to the Detroit Honeybaked program to get a little more exposure, and will play for the US NTDP program next year.