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Vicari Lashes Out at Comley

The story of Michigan State goalie Dominic Vicari leaving for the pros isn't quite over yet, as today, Neil Koepke wrote about Vicari's departure in the Lansing State Journal, where Vicari had some harsh words for former coach Rick Comley.

Here's some of what Vicari had to say about Comley:

"I made my decision based on (MSU coach) Rick Comley and how he perceived my future at MSU,'' Vicari said. "He said they were going with Jeff as the No. 1 and that he needed me as the backup.

"I felt that he was trying to push me out and that I couldn't play for him. It was time to move on.''

"I got an eye infection (in early January) and sat out for two games and never got a chance to fight to get my spot back,'' Vicari said. "I thought that was wrong.''

"Comley lied to me last year, telling me that he was going with Jeff because he was hot and that the team needed to win because his job was on the line. He said that this year, he wouldn't go in with a No. 1, and that we'd fight it out for the starting spot"

"Then in our summer meetings, he tells me they're going with Jeff as No. 1. I just wanted to have a fair chance to play and get my job back.''

Comley, for his part, declined to comment on what Vicari said and just wished him well in the pros.

There's probably not a lot you can take from this, other than that Dominic Vicari was really, really bitter. Comley probably could have handled the situation better by telling both goalies that they'd have the opportunity to compete for the starting spot, but since Vicari missed the whole summer with his broken ankle, it wasn't ridiculous to name Lerg the starter. At least he was upfront and honest with Vicari about the situation instead of stringing him along for the year.

In any case, it was funny reading about Comley saying that MSU needed to win because his job was on the line.