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Oh yeah...

I forgot a few items last night...

Sault Ste. Marie native Kory Kaunisto has committed to Northern Michigan for 2008. That makes two recruits for 2008 for the Wildcats, and both players are from the Upper Peninsula.

It's also interesting that he's from the Soo. I read somewhere that there's now like one Division 1 hockey player from the Soo per 3000 people living in the city. That's a pretty amazing ratio.

USA Hockey finally picked their teams for the Three Nations Tournament. They were waiting for the Select 15s to end so they could pick a few kids from there. Here's the Blue team and the White team. Both teams are fairly solid for having the talent split between two teams. Kenny Ryan, Zach Budish, Chris Brown, Cam Fowler, Steve Whitney, Ryan Walters, David Valek, and Zach Tatrn are the players that made it from the Select 15s.