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News Updates

There's a big controversy brewing in Minnesota over open enrollment. There seems to be a lot of support for limiting the opportunities a kid has to move to a different school. I guess I don't really have any strong opinions either way on this issue.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press' Charley "Shooter" Walters reported in his column that Eden Prairie forward Danny Kristo will visit the University of Minnesota soon. Kristo was a freshmen at Eden Prairie HS last year and was one of the top freshmen in the state. He earned a spot with the NTDP for next season after an impressive Select 16 Festival where he was the leading scorer. My guess is that the Gophers will offer him a scholarship during his visit and he'll commit there sometime thereafter.

St. Cloud and defenseman Jared Hummel have decided to part ways. Hummel was originally recruited to St. Cloud State by former coach Craig Dahl while at Academy of the Holy Angels. But Hummel didn't develop as hoped in the USHL and his arrival in St. Cloud kept getting pushed back. Ultimately it seems like one, or both sides decided St. Cloud wouldn't be the right place for him. I don't know the whole story though. Hummel will be playing with Team Minnesota at the Chowder Cup in New England, where he could get another offer to play somewhere else.

Hockey's Future writer DJ Powers wrote a nice article on Red Berenson and other Michigan alums playing in the Snoopy Senior Men's Tournament. A group of Michigan alums has been participating for the tournament since 1991. Last year, the tournament gave Michigan a Peanuts statue, similar to the statues around downtown St. Paul, that resides near the entrance to Yost Arena.

I was a little light on the info with Ben Winnett's commitment to Michigan. Luckily, Paul Shaheen, writer of the Research on Ice newsletter, allowed his update involving Winnett to be posted on Michigan's board. If you're interested in reading more from Shaheen, there should be a nice interview with Shaheen posted on this site sometime later this month.

INCH profiles Fairbanks defenseman Tyler Eckford.