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News of the Day

I reported yesterday that Dominic Vicari would likely leave Michigan State to pursue a pro hockey career, and today, it became official.

I mentioned that Alaska-Anchorage had recruited Nils Backstrom yesterday, and there was a bit of controversy because he was listed as having played one game in the Swedish Elite League, making him a pro, and thus not eligible for college. But Anchorage coach Dave Shyiak told the Alaska-Daily News that that was a misprint and Backstrom is eligible to play in the NCAA.

The Washington Capitals wrote about St. Cloud forward Andrew Gordon. Other collegiate prospects of the Caps, Travis Morin and Andrew Joudrey, are also mentioned.

McKeen's Hockey interviewed Compuware forward Trevor Nill.

The Scouting News had an interview with the father of '91 forward Connor Redmond, who is rated as one of the ten best '91 birthdates in North America. Connor is still deciding between the WHL and NCAA route, but has chose to leave British Columbia and play hockey in Phoenix next season. I'm skeptical of any player that good at that young an age ever making it to college hockey, but certainly moving to play hockey in the US would seem to be a step in the right direction.

Another talented 1991 birthdate, Colorado forward Ryan White, was drafted in the 7th round of the WHL draft by Everett, but didn't report to the Silvertips camp this week, which is a good sign for the NCAA.