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Nebraska-Omaha Gets '09 Recruit

Nebraska-Omaha was reportedly the first team to commit to a forward for the 2009 season last year when they got a commitment from Norwegian Fredrik Csisar, and now, Omaha is the first team with two commitments for the 2009 season, and the second seems just as unconventional as the first.

Chris Heisenberg is reporting that Omaha got a commitment from Brainerd High School forward Joey Frazer for the 2009 season.



Frazer is a relatively unknown prospect. Most of what Google turns up is people misspelling Smokin' Joe Frazier's name. The little information that I can is that Frazer is 5'7" 155 lbs., and was a sophomore last season, meaning he's probably expected to play a year of juniors after high school. He's a '90 birthdate, meaning he tried out for the Select 16 Festival this year, but failed to even make the top 51 in his home state of Minnesota. If anyone out there is readerland would like to email me more information, I'd gladly accept it.

Nebraska-Omaha assistant Doc DelCastillo, who is also in charge of the Maverick's recruiting, runs a summer hockey camp in Brainerd, which probably explains why he's so familiar with Frazer. Doc is a great coach and a good judge of talent, so I can't question this decision, but I guess I do have to wonder why they made this offer so early. They probably could have waited a while longer to see how he developed, since I can't imagine there were any other teams out there making offers to this kid.