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Bowling Green freshmen goalie Eddie Neville got stabbed late Saturday night while walking home in Bowling Green. Neville's stab wound wasn't serious and he should be ready for the start of the season. The report claims Neville was intoxicated at the time of the stabbing, though he's already turned 21, so it was ok for him to be intoxicated. Plus, if you're living in Bowling Green, alcohol is a bit of a necessity. I think this gives me an excuse to post this from MGoBlog for the first of probably many times.

Everyone sort of smiled and nodded last week when Don Lucia told the St. Paul Pio Press that the Gophers might have to change their recruiting strategy. Lucia wanted to clear things up a little bit, so he talked with Elliot Olshansky of CSTV. But what I found most interesting in this article was that Olshansky brought up the point that after Kellen Briggs leaves next year, Minnesota will be back to an all-Minnesota lineup. I'd make a joke about Don not having to worry about players leaving because they're destined for NHL stardom, but I already wasted my monthly allotment of "Minnesotans aren't great NHLers" shots on that Phil Housley article two weeks ago, which nobody seemed to appreciate.

The Ottawa Citizen points out that Mike Danton's dad sucked just as much as David Frost. As with any Frost/Jefferson/Danton article, it switches back and forth between creepy, sad, and downright scary. My favorite part was that one section briefly makes mention of Frost yelling at his team for 90 straight minutes after a bad game, and in the very next section, makes a big deal about Jefferson yelling at his son for shoplifting. Yay priorities.

Tyler Swystun got traded from Prince George to Medicine Hat, which explains why Prince George's GM said Swystun wasn't going there yesterday.