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I Really Need a Better Title For These

I'm hating calling every dog days of summer round-up type post "News Update" and what not. We all know what this is, so let's just move on.

One of the great things about public universities is that they require all jobs to be posted publicly for 30 days. Meaning even the painfully unqualified have the opportunity to apply and get rejected. Brad Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald has the job listing. Here's what the Sioux are looking for:

CRITERIA FOR SELECTION: Requires a bachelor’s degree. Prefer successful hockey coaching experience. Desire experience in player evaluation and recruitment. Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations. Must have experience in the area of on-ice skill development. Must have successful playing experience, pro-experience preferred. Prefer experience in developing and implementing successful penalty killing systems.

The Minnesota Wild have an 88% success rate on the PK under my guidance in NHL 2K6. Just saying.

2008 recruit Corey Trivino has committed to Boston University. I believe USHR was the first to report it, but you can also find it publicly in a lot of places. Trivino was one of the best players in Ontario to choose the college hockey route. I don't believe there were a lot of western schools that seriously went after him though.

USHR also has a headline saying Ohio State back-up goalie Ian Keserich has left Ohio State. It's not a terribly surprising move. Keserich is a talented goalie, but got caught at Ohio State backing up Dave Caruso in his first two seasons, and probably would have spent the next two years backing up Joe Palmer.

The tryout camp for Team USA's World Junior team is going on right now. Here's all you need to know about the camp. Erik and Jack Johnson both aren't playing, and really, neither has anything they need to prove.