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A Few More Departures

Forward Tyler Swystun has apparently left Michigan to go play in the WHL. Swystun was a top WHL draft pick a few years, and decided to come to Michigan as a 17 year old, where he struggled in his freshmen year. Swystun showed signs of talent, but never really put things together. Hopefully he'll find better luck playing against players his own age.

Incidentally, I wonder how Zac MacVoy feels about leaving earlier this summer due to lack of playing time? Michigan's fourth line will likely be all walk-ons this year. MacVoy probably would have skated on the third line almost every night this year.

Goalie Tim Boron has left St. Cloud to play in the Central States Hockey League, which is a professional league, barely. Boron was the starter at St. Cloud in his first two seasons, but lost the starting job to Bobby Goepfert last season. Boron decided to start his pro career rather than spend his final year at St. Cloud behind Goepfert. It's probably a good choice, because any icetime not taken by Goepfert probably would have gone towards getting freshmen Jase Weslosky some experience. I always thought Boron played excellent in his first two seasons on really lousy teams, but he seemed to lose focus last season once he was relegated to the back-up role.

UPDATE: FWIW, Prince George, who holds Swystun's rights denied that he's going there. I'll still guess that he's gone though.