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CHL Training Camps And Other Stuff

USA Hockey Magazine writes about T.J. Oshie.

A brand new Michigan State blog says Dom Vicari may not be done talking yet. His family might release their own press release. Dude, let it go. I really can't think of anyone that wanted Vicari starting over Lerg by the end of last season.

Lake Superior forward Jason Miller has left the team. He would have been a 4th line type guy for the Lakers this year.

There's a few rumors coming out of CHL training camps this week, most of which come courtesy of The Scouting News.

2007 Recruiting Board prospect Wilson Ngai attended the London Knights training camp, but was going to keep his eligibility.

Fairbanks native Isak Quakenbush has decided to give up his eligibility and play in the WHL. It's a tough loss for the NCAA, and specifically Alaska-Fairbanks, since Quakenbush seemed to be close to the Nanooks program. The huge (6'4" 210 lbs.) forward had pretty good performances at the last two Select Festivals, which drew a lot of attention.

Arizona goalie Eric Ferber had the best week of his life at the Swift Current Broncos rookie camp last week. He didn't allow a single goal over the course of four games. This came after an impressive Select 15 Festival where he was one of the top goalies statistically. Ferber hasn't received much interest from colleges yet, but should in the future after a couple very nice performances. USA Hockey wrote an article about him at the Select 15 Festival that I don't think I linked to at the time.

Finally, a player to keep an eye on for the future is British Columbia center Kevin Sundher. Sundher is a '92 birthdate and one of the top ranked players for next spring's WHL draft. He would be a 2010 recruit, but is an excellent student and is accelerating his schooling, meaning he will be a 2009 recruit. Scouting News had an interview with him if you're interested.