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Catching Up

Phil Kessel's departure was confirmed by the Boston Bruins. Lots of credit goes to the Gopher Puck Blog for breaking one of the bigger stories of the summer.

Hockey Thoughts had a very nice interview with 2009 Wisconsin commit Nick Pryor. Pryor affirms his commitment to play for Wisconsin three years from now. For those of you that were here last winter(which judging by the numbers, is about half of you), Pryor took a lot of criticism from people, specifically Minnesota fans, and he handled it better than most high school freshmen could.

In case you were wondering what the easiest way to get linked in one of these posts is, it's giving me props in a post. Bruce Ciskie talks about the WCHA's departures.

Avon Old Farms Prep forward Cam Atkinson committed to Boston College for 2008. He's an Eastern kid that's going to an Eastern school, so it's not too significant from this blog's perspective, but I did see Atkinson at the Select 17s this past year, and he looked like a good player, so it deserves a mention.

Don Lucia told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he might recruit more four year players instead of star players that will be in school for a year or two. I'll believe that when I see it.

These next three links come via the wonderful Junior Hockey Blog.

NTDP Forward Mike Cichy hasn't decided on college hockey or the QMJHL yet. This article mentions that Denver and North Dakota have offered him scholarships. Michigan State, Notre Dame, BC, and New Hampshire are some of the other teams that have been mentioned as having interest in Cichy.

The Texas Tornado picked up a kid from Texas. He sounds like he could be an interesting prospect to keep an eye on.

2007 recruit David Boehm had a nice article written about him in a Florida newspaper.