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(I meant for this to go up last Thursday, but a combiation of work and heat means I'm just finishing it up now. Sorry. There should be a fairly lengthy Select 15s recap sometime later this week.)

NOOOOOOOOOBret Osburn from Michigan's site is saying that the Colorado Avalanche are trying to sign T.J. Hensick. I don't really have a gut feeling on what Hensick will do. I'll give him credit though, that he reportedly took classes this summer so he at least has the option of coming back, as opposed to Dwight Helminen, who basically had to leave.

I'm not even sure the Strib would run this Scott Unger from the Winnipeg Sun wrote a pretty weak piece on Travis Zajac. Unger tries to make a bunch of vague assertations about academics not being important to Zajac, but it's all Unger's words and nothing from Zajac. Basically he didn't get the answer he wanted to the question he wanted, but he wrote the article that he wanted to write anyway. I'm really surprised something like that got printed.

Yay Journalism Last week I speculated that Colton Grant would play major junior, and Wisconsin beat writer Andy Baggot confirmed that in his recent recruiting article. The article also talks about: UW walk-on next year, Andy Bohmbach, British Columbia forward Ben Winnett committing to a college soon, and Jordan Schroeder committing to Minnesota. People seem to make a big deal out of the tidbit at the end that says Wisconsin never offered Schroeder a scholarship, but I think that if Schroeder had decided Wisconsin was the right place for him, they would have had a scholarship for him.

Kelen Corkum, who will play for the NTDP U17 next season, has reportedly committed to Maine for the 2008 season. He's from Maine and the son of former Black Bear and NHL player Bob Corkum. Anyone that played an NHL video game in the mid-90's may have difficulty accepting that Bob Corkum's offspring is a "dynamic offensive talent", but Kelen is supposed to be pretty good.

Not Really on Topic But,... Hockey in Wisconsin deserves big-time points for dedication for covering Girls Select 14 hockey/

A lot of people are talking about Eddie Belfour's son, Dayn Belfour. Dayn was one of the best goalies at the Select 17 Festival and apparently followed it up with a nice performance at the Fargo-Moorhead Jets(NAHL) tryout camp. He'll play in Fargo-Moorhead next season. Obviously he draws a lot of attention because of his name, but I'll wait to see him perform a little more consistently before I really consider him a big-time recruit.