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News and Notes

The biggest news of the day is that Colorado has signed DU's Paul Statsny. This is a crushing blow to Denver, who was hoping to contend for both a WCHA and NCAA title this upcoming season, but much more importantly, it's also a crushing blow to me, who will have to rewrite a large portion of my Denver preview. Statsny would have been a Hobey Baker candidate for this upcoming season. I'll have more on his departure of the ramifications in the WCHA sometime tomorrow, or later this week.

NTDP Forward Justin Vaive has committed to Miami of Ohio, according to Chris Heisenberg. Vaive is the son of former NHL player Rick Vaive. He's considered more of a power forward that is especially effective around the net.

Northern Michigan recruit Mark Santorelli has signed with a WHL team. The timing of the decision, and the fact that Santorelli could have played with his older brother at Northern Michigan next season, leads me to believe that Santorelli's decision was probably academically related, but that's just speculatino on my part.

Speaking of the WHL, I'm a month and a half late with this news, but I figured it was worth a mention. Colton Grant and Lucas Bloodoff were both traded away by the Tri-City Americans to different WHL teams early last June for 2007 draft picks. Both had said that they wouldn't sign with Tri-City because it was too far away from their home. Neither has signed yet, but it looks like there is the possibility that they could, which would be a loss for college hockey.

There was an interesting note in Charley "Shooter" Walters column in the St. Paul Pioneer Press yesterday about Wisconsin recruit Ryan McDonagh. He was offered a spot on the NTDP team next season, but he and coach Mike Eaves decided it would be best for McDonagh to return to Cretin-Derham Hall HS next season, where he could also play football and baseball. McDonagh would then play a year in the USHL after graduating before going to Madison in 2008. CDH won the Class AA state hockey championship last season, and McDonagh's return gives them another chance to win, as well as the opportunity for McDonagh to win the Mr. Hockey award. CDH also has a strong baseball program, producing players like Joe Mauer and Paul Molitor, and this gives McDonagh a chance to help lead them to a state title. I think it's a nice move by Eaves, showing that players don't have to leave for juniors or the NTDP to develop as a hockey player.

Canada is holding their tryout camp for the World Juniors. Of course, they could probably just draw 22 names out of a hat and still win the gold medal. Here is a list of who is attending. If Canada wanted to, they could pick a team created entirely of first round NHL draft picks. The three college players at the camp, Andrew Cogliano, Jonathan Toews, and Dan Bertram have already played for Team Canada's World Junior Team so they're likely to make it.

The rosters are up for the US Select 15 Festival. I should be in attendence for at least one day, so hopefully I'll be able to put together a write-up.

There's a fair amount of updates to the 2007 and 2008 Recruiting Boards if you're interested in checking that out. I've been trying to add links to articles in each player's profile. So if you've got one that I could use, I'd appreciate it if you emailed it to me.