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All Things Colorado College

I had posted earlier this week that Colorado College defenseman Brian Salcido said he would be willing to do whatever the Ducks wanted to, and I speculated that they would probably want him to sign. But according to an article from Maine Today:

According to [Portland Pirates coach Kevin]Dineen, three other players - Michigan right wing Jason Bailey, defenseman Kyle Klubertanz of Wisconsin and defenseman David Salcido of Colorado College - are expected to return to college.

That's good news for Colorado College, despite the obvious typo.

According to the Alaska Daily News, Alaska-Anchorage forward Eric Walsky will likely be transferring to Colorado College, mainly because that's where UAA will let him transfer to.

Walsky originally wanted to transfer to Minnesota, but Anchorage athletic director Steve Cobb wouldn't release Walsky to Minnesota because coach John Hill left his coaching position at Anchorage to be an assistant at Minnesota. In my opinion, it's kind of a bush league move by UAA's athletic director. If he's mad at John Hill for leaving, that's fine, but he shouldn't punish a student-athlete because of it.

The same article confirms rumors that Anchorage's top recruit, Erik Felde, failed to qualify academically and won't be going to Anchorage. Felde will likely play for Tri-City of the WHL. Many scouts felt playing in the WHL would have been a better fit for him anyway.

I'm not sure if this Deadspin-esque item is more for Colorado College fans or Denver fans, but former Colorado College goalie Jason Cugnet('96-'98), has his own drink on, appropriately titled: Depressed Goalie. Merry Christmas, Let's Go DU.

Aaaah, Closure The Select 17 Festival wrapped up on Friday. Here's the Festival mainpage. Also, your Scoring Totals and Goaltending totals. USA hockey also had a nice article on Minnesota forward Tyler Thompson overcoming non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

It's important because I wrote it Ryan Carter leaving Minnesota State for Anaheim is super-confirmed. Rochester Mayo defenseman Nick Canzanello will replace Kyle Peto at Minnesota State. Travis Morin is still good at hockey.

He's got my vote Bruce Ciskie plays college hockey commissioner for a day and suggests some stuff that makes so much sense I'm not sure why college hockey isn't already doing it.

Thanks for the dreams of the memories Trevor Lewis signing with Los Angeles is confirmed by the Kings website. The Michigan blogosphere is not amused. The Kings are getting panned by a lot of people for this move too. Lewis will likely play in the OHL next season. Without getting into an NCAA vs. CHL debate, I'll just ask if the advantage of playing in the CHL worth paying a guy a ton of money as opposed to letting him play in the NCAA for free? Any sensible person would say no; the Kings say yes. Lewis' deal is a three year deal, meaning three years from now, when Lewis is getting close to being an NHL-caliber player, the Kings will have to pay him for his second contract, rather than his first.

Other high draft pick stuff Sid Hartman of the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Charley "Shooter" Walters of the St. Paul Pioneer Press both reported that Phil Kessel will return to Minnesota for his sophomore season, meaning there's about a 50/50 chance of that happening.

North Dakota defenseman Taylor Chorney told INCH that Jon Toews said he's coming back to North Dakota. But Toews added the caveat of "unless the Blackhawks back him into a corner." Again, it sounds about 50/50

Speaking of making it in the pros Chris Conner and Clay Wilson have signed pro contracts.

You Can't Stop Joementum Joe Pavelski has officially signed with the Sharks. The over/under for the number of goals Wisconsin will score next year is now being set at 12.

Citizen Kane Rumors Kane is no longer considering Wisconsin. Mike Spath of Michigan Rivals board fame said Kane will play college hockey, but is still deciding between Michigan and BU. If the stories about Kane's dad not liking to fly anywhere are true, Ann Arbor is two hours closer to Buffalo than Boston. That's four hours roundtrip. Just saying.

Phantom Space Sutter is a Jerk The world of hockey will be a better place once the Sutter clan is removed from it. reported in their Flames draft preview that Brett Sutter is trying to get Flames draft pick and St. Cloud commit Aaron Marvin to play in the WHL:

Speculation is that Marvin might be heading to the NCAA, but that doesn’t mean that getting him north of the border for junior hockey is impossible -- at least in the mind of the Red Deer Rebels’ tripartite guru Brett Sutter it’s not impossible. Although it may be a longshot, Sutter rolled the dice and traded 17-year-old prospect, Josh Giofriddo and a conditional draft pick in 2008 to the Lethbridge Hurricanes in order to test the probability of Marvin going north and playing junior there.