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Worthless, But the Best I've Got

Someone had asked for more NHL draft combine coverage, and I wasn't going to bother with it anymore, but then I was reading Hockey's Future's review of the combine and this was too sweet to pass up:

"After the prospect was greeted at the front table (and signed a release for the testing that was about to begin), his height was measured and weight taken. Then the prospect was asked to take his shirt off and to pose for the myriad of scouts and cameras that were evaluating his physique. Pictures were taken of the prospect facing forward, with his right side toward the camera, and from the back. Prior to being allowed to put his shirt back on, each player’s body fat was measured, and measurements were taken of his arms and legs."

I can only imagine some poor prospect standing there with tears in his eyes while a man-hungry GM with a digital camera screamed "Don't you want to be famous?" At best, it sounds like the worst first date ever.

The article gives a pretty good rundown of the activities of combine, but not too much on who actually did what. They do throw out a few names, with 2006 recruits Erik Johnson and Kyle Okposo being on the "good" list. That's not a huge surprise since they're both known as very physically strong players. Phil Kessel and Mark Mitera were the two college players on the "not as impressive" list. Again, not as surprising since college players were at a disadvantage with their seasons ending so early.