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Select 16 Festival

USA Hockey's Select 16 Festival is going on this week in Rochester, New York. Here's the Festival website. There's been some controversy this week because instead of the Festival's usual lax enforcement of the rules, officials have been testing out USA Hockey's new rules enforcement which has led to an increased number of penalties.

You can check out the list of leading scorers here. Michigan recruit Robbie Czarnik is leading the field by a couple of points. Hockey in Wisconsin has been keeping track of players tied to Wisconsin.

I tried to put together some brief notes on some of the leading scorers in the tournament to make things a little easier for some people.

Robbie Czarnik- NTDP forward. Committed to Michigan. 2008 recruit. Led MWEHL in scoring.(28-31-39-70)

Brett Beebe- Played for California Wave last season and won U16 Tier I championship. 2008 recruit.

Danny Kristo- Played for Eden Prairie HS(MN). 2009 recruit.

Tyler Landman-Played for Roseau HS(MN). 2009 recruit.

Steve West-NTDP defenseman. Committed to Ohio State. 2008 recruit

Ben Hanowski-Played for Little Falls HS(MN). Tried out for NTDP. 2009 recruit.

William Rapuzzi-Played for Alaska Diamond HS(AK). 2008 recruit.

Shawn Syzdlowski-Played for Belle Tire U16 AAA(MI). 2008 recruit. 3rd in MWEHL in scoring (28-12-23-35)

Chris Bournazos-Played for Team Illinois U16 AAA. 2008 recruit. 5th in MWEHL in scoring (28-18-12-30)

Troy Power-Played for California Wave U16 AAA. Drafted by Prince Albert in special WHL US player draft. Will play for Des Moines of USHL next season. 2008 recruit

James Werner-Played for Team Illinois U16 AAA. 2008 recruit. 8th in MWEHL in scoring (28-13-13-26) 2008 recruit.

David Warsofsky-Played for Cushing Prep(MA). 2009 recruit

Danny Mattson- Played for Holy Angels(MN) last season. 2009 recruit.

Nathan Condon-Played for Wausau West HS(WI). 2008 recruit.

Mike Voran-Played for Livonia Stevenson HS(MI). 2008 recruit

Craig Kitto- Played for Stone Bridge HS(VA). 2008 recruit. Lived next door to Jason Woolley while in Buffalo. Article.

Nick Pryor-NTDP defenseman. 2009 recruit. Committed to Wisconsin.

Marc Rodriguez-Played for Team Illinois U16 AAA. 2008 recruit. 7th in MWEHL in scoring(28-9-19-28)

Aaron Ness-Played for Roseau HS(MN). 2009 recruit.

Alex Simonson-Played for Grand Forks Central HS(ND) 2008 recruit. (24-11-12-23)

Andrew Fitzstephens-Played for Honeybaked U16 AAA(MI). 2008 recruit. 12th in MWEHL in scoring (28-10-15-25)

Nate Dewhurst-Played for Culver Varsity B team last year. 2008 recruit. Originally from Iowa.

Jordan Schroeder. NTDP forward. 2009 recruit. Scholarship offers from Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Brandon Kozun. Played for Shattuck-St. Mary’s. 2008 recruit.

Eric Ringel- Played for Cleveland Barons AAA. 2008 recruit.