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Petry Commits to MSU

Des Moines(USHL) defenseman Jeff Petry has chosen to play for Michigan State in 2007 over Michigan. It's an important recruiting victory for coach Rick Comley because it marks the first time that Michigan State has beaten Michigan in a head-to-head recruiting battle since Jim Slater committed to the Spartans.

It's a tough loss for Michigan, who is still in desperate need of defensman for the 2007 season. It was confirmed last week that Lincoln(USHL) defenseman Chad Langlais committed to Michigan. It is likely that Jack Johnson will turn pro after this next season. Mark Mitera and Chris Summers are likely to be drafted high in the NHL draft, and could possibly leave early. The other defenseman on the roster would be Steven Kampfer, Tristan Llewellyn, Langlais, and walk-on Jon Montville. The Wolverines would probably like to add 2 more defenseman to that class just to be safe.