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Sometime tomorrow, WCH should have it's 100,000th visitor to this site since I started keeping track last September. That's not bad.

2008 forward recruit Brock Montpetit has verbally committed to Wisconsin. There was some confusion about this earlier in the year when a local Wisconsin paper prematurely announced that he had committed to Wisconsin. This time it's for real though. The article also says that Montpetit will play for Shattuck-St. Mary's Prep School next season instead of for the NTDP like most people originally thought.

The article also talks about 2007 forward recruit Ben Winnett. Winnett had an excellent year in the BCHL for someone his age. Winnett took unoffical visits to Wisconsin and Michigan recently, and has also said he's interested in Denver and North Dakota. Winnett grew up in the same neighborhoodas Wisconsin recruit Kyle Turris.

Herb Brooks got a well-deserved nomination for the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hockeys Future interviewed Kings director of scouting Al Murray. He had some interesting comments about draft picks Trevor Lewis and Jeff Zatkoff.

Technically this is out of my jurisdiction, but the Double A Zone has some college hockey coverage up with an interview of Merrimack coach Mark Dennehy. Dennehy has done a pretty good job in a tough situation at Merrimack. The interview fails to mention that Merrimack's president is still a total assclown.

The LSSU Hockey Blog sat down for an interview with head coach Jim Roque.

Wisconsin defenseman Jeff Likens got into some trouble while camping.

The Minnesota hockey team can't seem to escape the Blarney's drinking scandal. Blarney's bar owner Mike Mulrooney was charged with nine counts of giving liquor to underagers and allowing them to drink it two weeks ago. KMSP television also said there is some evidence of players not having to pay their tabs, and Mulrooney getting free tickets. Minnesota is still conducting their own investigation into the matter and would not comment on it. Unless some big revelation breaks in this story, I doubt anything of major consequence(like losing scholarships) will happen to Minnesota.