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2008 Recruiting Board Prospect Matt Thurber has committed to Wisconsin. He was one of a few 2008 prospects to play in the USHL last season. His family had connections to UW, so his commitment there isn't a huge surprise.

James Gaulrapp, who played for Southern Minnesota of the NAHL committed to Minnesota State. Gaulrapp was only the fourth leading scorer on his team during the regular season. I'm sure there's a lot of guys out there saying "If he can play D1 hockey, then so can I". Gaulrapp played great in the NAHL playoffs though, and will be willing to accept his role with the Mavericks, since he grew up watching them.

Roseau High School forward Brian McMillin has committed to Colorado College for next season. Seeing him commit is personally satisfying since I saw him play at the Great 8 Festival this spring without ever having heard of him, and I was able to pick him out as one of the better players in his class. Here's what I wrote about him:

Brian McMillin-Roseau-He wasn't necessarily the prettiest player, but it seemed like he was everywhere. He always either had the puck making a play, or was breaking up a play defensively.

I don't think he'll ever score 20 goals, but in a couple years, I think he'll be a guy that teams hate to play against.

Hockey Thoughts had a very interesting interview with Omaha recruit and Wisconsin native Dan Swanson.

Finally, the Tech Hockey Blog had a great post about Tech's new skating treadmills. These new skating machines look like they could potentially revolutionize the sport and really help players with their skating.