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OHL Draft

Here's a look at some picks of interest in today's OHL draft.

1st round 1st pick- Steve Stamkos- No surprise there

1st round 2nd pick- Mike Del Zotto-Also no surprise

1st round 3rd pick- Alex Pietrangelo- That about closes the door on any college hockey possibility

1st round 5th pick- James Livingston- He was on the 2008 Recruiting Board, but I think he can be taken off

1st round 9th pick- Shawn Lalonde- Was on the 2008 Recruiting Board, but played so well this year that he became a first round pick.

1st round 13th pick- Vern Cooper- I guess he did have a deal in place. He got picked by Plymouth though, and Plymouth's first round pick last season, Nick Petrecki, didn't report. I'm skeptical of him going to college though.

1st round 17th pick-Cody Hodgson- He's still in the first round, but near the bottom of the first round. A team could have taken a gamble on him. I think this was a good sign for college hockey.

1st round 19th pick-Zach Bogosian-If he went to college, it'd probably be out east, but I thought it was interesting to see the NTDP defenseman go this early.

1st round 20th pick-Phil McRae- This is what everyone didn't want. McRae goes to London in the first round. At the very least, it makes his recruitment very, very interesting. I've got a feeling he never plays college hockey.

Round 3 4th pick-Kelly Geoffrey- Kind of early for a guy that's already committed to college. I'd maybe be a little worried if I were a Buckeye fan, but not that much.

Round 6 2nd pick-Robbie Czarnik- This is what Michigan fans were hoping for. He went so late that Oshawa was just taking a chance on him. It seems pretty likely that he'll go to college.

Round 6 Pick 18-Matt Martello-A Lake Superior recruit for next year and an '87 birthdate. It probably doesn't mean much, but can't be good.

Jordan Tibbett, Justin Florek and AJ Jenks all went in the 7th round, which seemed to be the right place to take committed 2008 recruits.