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OHL Draft Preview

The OHL's Entry Draft is going to be held tomorrow, and as much as each party may hate it, the OHL Draft is considerably linked to college hockey. The OHL Draft is a big indication of which way players are leaning. Because most players work out deals with teams before they are drafted, a good player that goes early in the draft is likely going to be playing in the OHL, while a good player that goes a couple rounds later than his talent has likely indicated an interest in playing college hockey. Here's a preview of a couple of players that you should be familiar with.

Steve Stamkos and Mike Del Zotto

You don't really have to worry about these two teammates playing college hockey because they'll likely be the first two picks in the draft. Stamkos is a forward and Del Zotto is a defenseman for the Markham Midget Waxers. Neither is labeled as a future NHL "star" the way last year's first pick, 14 year old John Tavares, was, but both should be very good players.

Phil McRae

McRae played with the NTDP U17 team this past season as a 15 year old. He's the son of former NHL player Basil McRae, who also happens to be a minority owner of the London Knights. This article makes it sound like McRae is still undecided but possibly leaning towards college hockey. If McRae said that he wanted to play in the OHL, he'd be the third overall pick. If he doesn't get drafted until later, it's a good sign for college hockey.

Robbie Czarnik

Czarnik committed to Michigan last summer. Czarnik played very well this season and a lot of teams would be very interesting in signing him. He's said he wants to play college hockey though, and since he's going to the NTDP, he'll be able to play quality hockey for the next two seasons before he goes to Michigan.

Cody Hodgson

He also plays for Markham, and at one time was considered the best player in the draft. He's publicly said that he doesn't want to play in the OHL. Tomorrow should show how serious he was about that. If he did choose to play college, he would be an outstanding player.

Alex Pietrangelo

His uncle, Frank, played in college for Minnesota before playing for the Penguins in the NHL. Despite his college hockey connections, he's most likely going to the OHL. He should be a top ten pick.

Vern Cooper

Cooper is a small forward, but very quick and talented. He's from Canada, but has dual-citizenship. He tried out for the NTDP team in March, but I haven't heard anything about him making the team. There's been rumors both way; that he's leaning towards the NCAA, but has a deal with an OHL team in place.