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More Recruiting News

The rumor I posted earlier this week about Addison DeBoer committing to Colorado College for next season has been confirmed. I'm still surprised he's making the jump straight from high school to college. I'm guessing next year is a bit of an adjustment for him.

The article also says that Troy Mattila visited Colorado College and the Tigers offered him a partial scholarship. He's already had offers from Canisius, which he turned down(wiiiiiiiise choice), Mercyhurst, and Miami. New Hampshire and St. Cloud have also expressed interest. I think it's interesting what a difference a tournament can make for a kid. Prior to the Prospects Tourney, Mattila was receiving interest from the Canisius' and Mercyhursts of the world, and after the Prospects Tourney, he's getting interest from top WCHA schools.

Bucky beat writer Andy Baggott wrote an interesting article on the Sam Gagner situation. It sounds like Gagner will likely play in the OHL. Gagner hated playing for Sioux City last year, and isn't keen on going back. It's not surprising things weren't great for Gagner in Sioux City. He was one of the youngest players on the team, the only Canadian, and the Muskies weren't a great team. I'm willing to bet that Gagner has never played on a team that has lost more than a handful of games in a season. It's a bit of an adjustment to go to a losing team.

The good news for Wisconsin fans is that defenseman Brendan Smith and Cody Goloubef haven't changed their minds about attending college.