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Columbus Crashes the USHL Party

The USHL announced today that there will be a new franchise in Columbus next season. The timing of the decision was important because the USHL draft is tomorrow. Columbus will draft in the fourth position behind Chicago, Waterloo, and Sioux City.

I'm not exactly sure how that is going to work. Normally, teams draft in the first part of the draft until their list of protected players reaches 23 players. At that point, they sit out, while the other teams keep drafting until they too have 23 players. Then each team drafts 7 more players. With no players on their protected list, maybe Columbus will be drafting for a while.

The new franchise in Columbus should be good for hockey in Ohio, and good for the CCHA. The more midwestern influence in the USHL, the better for the CCHA.

Also, just as a reminder, I'll be giving live updates and my opinions on all the picks in the USHL draft tomorrow starting at 9 o'clock.