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2006 Recruit Star Ratings Pt. 2

I haven't had anyone call me an idiot lately, so I thought I'd try this again. I originally posted star rankings like other sports do for all recruits last winter, and thought I'd make a few updates and post it again. This is just my opinion and could be completely wrong. Take it for what it's worth. Feel free to leave your comments in the comments section. A couple players have been bumped up and a few have been bumped down.

Erik Johnson, Defenseman, Minnesota *****
Kyle Okposo, Forward, Minnesota *****
Joe Palmer, Goalie, Ohio State *****
Bill Sweatt, Forward, Colorado College *****
Trevor Lewis, Forward, Michigan *****
Andreas Nodl, Forward, St. Cloud State *****
Matt Butcher, Forward, Northern Michigan ****
Michael Carman, Forward, Minnesota ****
Ryan Lasch, Forward, St. Cloud State ****
Matt Glasser, Forward, Denver ****
Nigel Williams, Defenseman, Wisconsin ****
Kris Fredheim, Defenseman, Colorado College ****
Michael Forney, Forward, North Dakota ****
Ryan Turek, Forward/Defenseman, Michigan State ****
Jim O’Brien, Forward, Minnesota ****
Rhett Rhakshani, Forward, Denver ****
Blake Geoffrion, Forward, Wisconsin ****
Michael Ratchuk, Defenseman, Michigan State ****
Eddie del Grosso, Defenseman, Nebraska-Omaha ****
Steve Kampfer, Defenseman, Michigan ****
Erik Felde, Defenseman, Alaska-Anchorage ****
Cody Brookwell, Defenseman, Denver ****
Jeremie Dupont, Goalie, Nebraska-Omaha ****
Kevin Montgomery, Defenseman, Ohio State ****
Darcy Zajac, Forward, North Dakota ****
Josh Lunden, Forward, Alaska-Anchorage ****
Ryan Flynn, Forward, Minnesota ****
Alex Stalock, Goalie, Minnesota-Duluth ****
Phil Axtell, Forward, Michigan Tech ****
Kai Kantola, Forward, Bowling Green ****
Matt Martello, Forward, Lake Superior ****
Kael Mouillierat, Forward, Minnesota State, Mankato ****
Drew Dobson, Defenseman, Michigan Tech ****
David Fischer, Defenseman, Minnesota ****
Brandon Campos, Forward, Alaska-Fairbanks ****
Kyle Lawson, Defenseman, Notre Dame ****
Jordan Fulton, Forward, Minnesota-Duluth ****
Jamie McBain, Defenseman, Wisconsin ****
Trent Palm, Defenseman, Minnesota-Duluth ****
Zach Harrison, Forward, Minnesota State, Mankato ****
Tony Lucia, Forward, Minnesota ****
Chris Summers, Defenseman, Michigan ****
Chase Ryan, Defenseman, Minnesota-Duluth ****
TJ Miller, Defenseman, Northern Michigan ****
Zach Bearson, Forward, Wisconsin ***
Simon Gysbers, Defenseman, Lake Superior ***
Nick Fanto, Forward, Nebraska-Omaha ***
Chris Vandevelde, Forward, North Dakota ***
James Perkin, Forward, Bowling Green ***
Geoff Irwin, Forward, Minnesota State ***
Mark Bernier, Defenseman, Nebraska-Omaha ***
Brian Gifford, Forward, Denver ***
Dan Quilico, Forward, Colorado College ***
Jacob Cepis, Forward, Bowling Green ***
Aaron Lewicki, Forward, Ferris State ***
Brian Lebler, Forward, Michigan ***
Craig Gaudet, Defenseman, St. Cloud State ***
Ryan Thang, Forward, Notre Dame ***
Riley Gill, Goalie, Western Michigan ***
Todd McIlrath, Forward, Bowling Green ***
Ian Boots, Forward, Ohio State ***
Mark Letestu, Forward, Western Michigan ***
Jared Hummel, Defenseman, St. Cloud State
Matt Overman, Forward, Colorado College ***
Jay Sprague, Forward, Michigan State ***
Ken Selby, Forward, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Nate Prosser, Defenseman, Colorado College ***
Mark Olver, Forward, Northern Michigan ***
Jon Ammerman, Defenseman, St. Cloud State ***
Brian Connelly, Defenseman, Colorado College ***
Jeff Young, Forward, Alaska-Fairbanks ***
Garrett Suter, Defenseman, Wisconsin ***
Steve Jakiel, Goalie, Michigan ***
Mike Davies, Forward, Wisconsin ***
Ray Kaunisto, Forward, Northern Michigan ***
Tyler Ludwig, Defenseman, Western Michigan ***
Brett Blatchford, Defenseman, Notre Dame ***
Paul Crowder, Forward, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Jerad Stewart, Forward, Minnesota State, Mankato ***
Kevin Clark, Forward, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Mark Santorelli, Forward, Northern Michigan ***
John Mitchell, Forward, Wisconsin ***
Logan Gorsalitz, Forward, Minnesota-Duluth ***
Chris Clackson, Forward, Western Michigan ***
Kevin Deeth, Forward, Notre Dame ***
J.J. Koehler, Forward, Nebraska-Omaha ***
A.J. Gale, Forward, St. Cloud State University ***
Matt Schepke, Forward, Michigan State ***
Jarrod Palmer, Forward, Miami ***
Mickey McCrimmon, Defenseman, Northern Michigan ***
John Scrymgeor, Forward, Lake Superior ***
Tommy O’Brien, Goalie, Notre Dame ***
Jeric Agosta, Forward, Nebraska-Omaha ***
Eli Vlaisavljevich, Defenseman, Michigan Tech ***
Mike Testwuide, Forward, Colorado College ***
Chris Berenguer, Defenseman, Northern Michigan ***
Jason Lepine, Forward, Ferris State ***
Julian Zamparo, Defenseman, Western Michigan ***
Dan Kissel, Forward, Notre Dame ***
Jake Marto, Defenseman, North Dakota ***
Trevor Hunt, Defenseman, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Jason Wiley, Forward, Minnesota State, Mankato ***
Michael George, Forward, Lake Superior ***
Alexandre Gagne, Forward, Michigan Tech ***
Chris Minella, Forward, Notre Dame ***
Mitch Ryan, Forward, Minnesota-Duluth ***
Gary Steffes, Forward, Miami-Ohio ***
Cody Chupp, Forward, Ferris State ***
Justin Johnson, Defenseman, Michigan State ***
Blair Riley, Forward, Ferris State ***
Mathieu Picard, Forward, Ohio State ***
Nik Sellers, Forward, Lake Superior ***
Ryan Berry, Defenseman, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Stephen Balint, Forward, Northern Michigan ***
Jon Olthuis, Goalie, Alaska-Anchorage ***
Garrett Raboin, Defenseman, St. Cloud State ***
Nathan Perkovich, Forward, Lake Superior ***
Brian Stewart, Goalie, Northern Michigan **
Chay Genoway, Forward/Defenseman, North Dakota **
Mark Stockdale, Forward, Western Michigan **
Brian Moore, Defenseman, Bowling Green **
Ryan Gunderson, Forward, Minnesota State Mankato **
Aaron Bendrickson, Forward, Wisconsin **
Drew Akins, Forward, Minnesota-Duluth **
Steve Kaunisto, Defenseman, Lake Superior **
Ryan Peckskamp, Forward, St. Cloud State **
Brandon Vossberg, Forward, Denver **
Ben Grotting, Forward, Wisconsin **
Ryan Baird, Defenseman, Lake Superior**
Phil Greer, Goalie, Bowling Green **
Chad Swartzentruber, Defenseman, Lake Superior **