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WCH Pick'em Contest Winner

It was a rough tournament for the CCHA, but the beleaguered conference may have taken home the most prestigious title of them all this year.

Steven Christensen of Omaha, Nebraska is the first ever winner of the Western College Hockey Blog NCAA Tournament Pick'em Contest. Steven is a long-time college hockey fan who attended the University of Denver in the 70's, but became a big UNO fan when Omaha started their program 9 years ago.

Steven correctly picked three out of the four participants in the Frozen Four, missing only Boston College beating Boston U in the Northeast Regional final, and correctly picked Wisconsin to win it all. He went with the strategy of picking teams playing close to home in his bracket, which was a genius plan that worked wonders for him. Steve also wondered why no reader picked Holy Cross to upset Minnesota, which would have almost undoubtedly knocked him from the top spot. Probably because prior to the tournament, WCH had no readers that attended Holy Cross. He did want me to add in that his Mavericks beat the Crusaders 6-1 earlier in the season.

So congratulations to Steve for winning. You've earned the etnernal fame and glory of being our first ever winnner. Thank you to everyone that participated as well. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we can do it again some time.