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The WCH Philosophy

This post, like pretty much all the good posts I've had, is blatantly ripped off from MGoBlog. I will have been doing this blog thing for exactly one year on Thursday and I've received at least some notoriety for this blog, so I figured now would be a good time to explain how things work around here.

1. I'm Not Quitting My Day Job.

Which is to that I'm not a professional hockey scout, nor do I claim to have the qualifications to be one. I think I've always been upfront about that. Compared to a professional scout with years of experience, the stuff I write about players probably sucks. But compared to the other free alternatives out there for hockey fans(which presently is nothing) I don't think I'm too bad. Obviously it's up to the reader to determine how seriously they want to take me.

2. I'd Rather Be Right than Be President

It's not really my goal to "break stories" here. I don't really have the resources or connections to do that.(Although as Stylez P once said, "I'm so gangsta that just knowing myself makes me affiliated.") My goal is more to compile all the interesting college hockey news and stories I can find on the internet and put them into one convenient place for fans.

That said, sometimes I hear things before other sites hear things. I only report stuff if I'm 99% positive that it's true. There were a couple stories this season about recruits that I could have been the first to post, but held back on until I got confirmation from other sources, which is fine by me. Like any media outlet, a blog's credibility is based on past performance. So far, I think I've got a pretty good track record and I plan on keeping it that way. I want people to feel like they can trust what they see here.

2b. A Story Like That Has Gotta Be True

The internet is a wild and crazy place with a lot of rumors that get circulated around. Sometimes they are legitimate and sometimes they're not. I'm not afraid to report rumors, but I'll also point out that they're just rumors, and also give my opinion on how valid I think they are. So far that method has seemed to work out the best.

This is a Blog, Not a Website

The main difference being, I'm not nearly as thorough as a real college hockey website. One of the things you won't find here is every roster, stat, and boxscore. There's already a number of sites that have that, and they do a great job with that stuff, so I'm not going to bother with it. I'd rather make my niche by doing stuff that other people aren't already doing and giving people interesting information they can't really find anywhere else.

The Andy Kaufman Theory of Humor

Basically I'm going to write stuff that amuses and entertains me, and if the rest of the audience comes along, that's great. I get bored writing useless reflection papers all day in school, and usually use the freedom of this blog to amuse myself. Thus you get a lot of weird, random references that I'm sure most people don't understand. Rest assured that I find it funny though.

4. Helping a Brother Out

I try to link to as many other blogs as possible. Not only does it mean less writing for me, but I'd like to be as informative as possible, and since I can't follow every team closely, deferring to someone that covers another team always seems like the better way to go.

I also think it helps spread the word about some of the really good blogs out there, and that's never a bad thing. It's also nice when people link back to me because it grows my readership as well.

If anyone out there ever wants something from their blog mentioned on here, feel free to send me an email, or just post your link in the comments section of any post, even if it doesn't have to do with the post. If anyone starts a new college hockey blog, let me know and I'll be happy to give it some publicity.


I really enjoy getting comments on posts. I'd like for there to be as much open discussion as possible on this site, so feel free to leave your thoughts. I'll usually leave any valid comment up(even the tons of them that criticize me) as long as they relate to the post. I just ask that people keep the swearing to a minimum and try not to bash kids too much.

6. Ads

As of right now, there's no advertising on this site, and probably won't be for the time being. But who knows what the future will bring. If the site keeps growing in popularity, maybe it's something I'll consider, but I promise that they will be tastefully done. To be tasteful.

That's about it. Hopefully I covered everything, and hopefully that explains a little more clearly what we're trying to do here.