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Random News and Notes

According to Paul Shaheen's Research on Ice Newsletter, Michigan and Michigan State are two schools recruiting Des Moines defenseman Jeff Petry. I'd have to believe that they are the favorites since he's from Michigan. So if you're that one guy who asked me about Petry, there you go. I'd guess both schools would want him for 2007.

I realize John Buccigross' articles on aren't really based in reality, but I was still amused by his take on the NHL draft. The best part was this:
Can Kessel play in the NHL next season? He has multiple red flags -- he lacks vision and his defensive hockey is well below par. Still, he has the speed and the shot. There have been whispers that he has "Lindros-like" family concerns behind the scenes.

Lindros-like. Ouch. Kessel would have been better off spending the past 15 months in Brazil than he was committing to and playing for the Gophers.

Does Michigan State give out honorary math doctorates? If so, INCH definitely deserves one.
By the way, did you know Sauer's .898 save percentage last season was better than the .895 save percentage Montoya posted during his last go-round in Ann Arbor?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Slow down there, Fermat. You're telling me that .898 is bigger than .895? And yet .9 repetend is equal to 1. Sounds like witchcraft to me.

I found a pretty interesting NHL Mock Draft. It has eight college hockey guys going in the first round, including seven from the west.(Johnson, Kessel, Toews, Okposo, Williams, Forney, Strait, Montgomery)

Minnesota State hockey coach Troy Jutting is spending his spring as interrim women's golf coach. Unfortunately, there's no arguing with officials or smoking in golf, so Jutting won't be able to utilize two of his greatest talents. I can imagine him screaming at some poor 18 year old freshmen over a missed putt and reducing her to tears though. That's kind of funny.