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Prospects Tourney

The Toronto Prospects Tourney was an event that created a lot of controversy over the past year. There was a bit of battle between the head of the Prospects Tourney, Bob Turow, and OHL President David Branch. Turow had worked to nudge young players in the direction of the NCAA, which caused Branch to go ballistic. As a way of retaliating, Branch tried to undercut the credibility of the tournament by banning OHL scouts from attending the event. It was considered a semi-victory for Branch since a lot of top prospects, especially in Ontario and Michigan ended up not playing in the Prospects Tournament this past weekend.

The show still went on though and there was some pretty decent hockey being played. Detroit Caesar's ended up winning the tournament with the Minnesota Blades Black team taking second. You can find all the results of the tournament here.

The tournament's leading scorer was Troy Mattila, who played for the Minnesota Blades Black team, but is originally from Rockford, Illinois and plays for the Springfield Blues Jr. B team. His linemates were Nick Larson(Minnesota recruit) of Hill-Murray and Ben Arnt(2008 recruit) of North St. Paul, who each finished tied for 4th in scoring. Benilde-St. Margaret's Tyler Thompson, Duluth East's Josh Turnbull, and Blake's Jamie Leathers all tied for the Minnesota Blades White team in scoring.

Former Moorhead, MN native Beau Christian was the top goalie statistically at the tournament.