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It's All About Me, Baby

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Some people may not think it's right that I should write pretty much a whole post about myself. But I didn't get into the blogging business for all the cash(that I'm not making), or all of the hot blog groupies. So what does that leave me? Pure unabashed ego-stroking. I was gonna save this next week when the offseason started, but I felt it was more in the spirit of things if I posted it this week when we're averaging 500+ visitors a day as opposed to next week when we're back to our usual 12.

Last Friday, Runnin' with Dogs posted a rundown of the WCHA-related blogs, in which I was named Blogger Hottie of the Year by RWD. It's quite an honor that I sincerely hope will be continued annually, as long as I keep winning it. Then again, my competition was a guy that wears his bedsheets and Bruce Ciskie.

But would good is the respect of your peers if you can't lord it over them with ruthless power? That's why I twisted my mustache and laughed at watching Drop the Puck squirm over his omission from a recent Linkorama. That's right, just like George Washington not letting John Adams get his face on any of the money, I've got the power to snub people, and I'm not afraid of using it. Seriously though, the Evan Trupp piece in question was excellent and I'll probably talk about it more during the offseason.

Speaking of the offseason, you may have been wondering what I have up my soon-to-be-packed-away-until-fall sleeves. Here's just a sample what you can expect:

Probably a lot of boring recruiting stuff
Poor attempts at humor
Cross-promotional guest-bloggings
Discussion on why the bottom half of the dishwasher always gets full before the bottom half
You know Mustache Wednesday? Well we're taking it one step further and covering the entire world of facial hair from mutton chops on down to the chin.
Fancy graphs and stuff
Counting down the days to May 31st when the Venture Bros. Season 1 DVDs are released, at which point this blog will totally unreadable(even more so).
Absolutely free reports from the Select 15 and Select 17 Festivals that nobody else would have the guts to try and put together
People complaining about the quality of said free reports
Mike Komisarek's girlfriend(Not really, but Mike Komisarek + girlfriend seems to be the most popular Google search for finding this site.)
Shamelessly diverting you to my other blog-related efforts
And finally, I guess some college hockey-related stuff