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I Guess I'm Smarter than I Look

During the live blog of the championship game, I said this:

The TV timeout gives Wisconsin time to let Skille rest for the first line powerplay. Let's see if they can take advantage. I guess not. They've got Burish out there with them.

Ok, so maybe I wasn't entirely sure who all was on the ice when Skille drew that penalty, but I apparently had the right idea.

This came from INCH's Final Game Notebook:

Breaks come in many different forms, and Wisconsin got one just prior to the start of the power play during which Gilbert scored the eventual game-winning goal. The majority of the Badgers’ top power-play unit – Gilbert, Burish and Pavelski – were on the ice when BC’s Anthony Aiello was whistled for a hooking minor with 11:26 left in regulation.

Before the man advantage started, however, both teams got a short break courtesy of a TV timeout, allowing coach Mike Eaves to put his first group back on the ice. Burish said Eaves thought the stoppage should’ve come at the whistle before the penalty.

"We were looking for that timeout because we were a little winded," Burish said. "We got a chance to regroup, put a kind of play together. We got in there, set it up and ran it just like we diagrammed it."

"That TV timeout gave us a rest," Gilbert said. "We were refreshed."