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Great 8 Recap Part 3: Potential College Prospects

This is my list of a few guys that I hadn't heard of prior to this tournament, but that I thought played well, and caught my eye as a player that possibly has a future in juniors, and could possibly gain some college interest in a couple years.

Before I post this list, I'd just like to point out that there were two games being played simultaneously most of the time, so while I tried to watch as much as I could, it was impossible to watch every single minute of every game, and I'm sure I missed some really great players. This is just my opinion based on what I saw.

Brook DeZellar-Holy Angels- Again, he was playing on a line with two Mr. Hockey finalists(Andy Sackrison and Nick Oslund) and they didn't score a goal in two games. But I still thought he looked pretty good. He's a decent skater and has very good hands. He made a couple great plays to stickhandle around a defender and fire off a quality pass.

Artie Peckskamp-Eastview- Not the most talented player, but is a very good grinder-type that is always working hard, and is very fast.

Kyle Scholand-Defenseman-East Grand Forks-I thought he played an excellent game on Saturday. Not very big, but a smart player that is pretty good positionally. He did everything pretty well.

Brian McMillin-Roseau-He wasn't necessarily the prettiest player, but it seemed like he was everywhere. He always either had the puck making a play, or was breaking up a play defensively.

Nate Dunfee-Rochester John Marshall-A bigger forward that set up a couple goals and also scored one.

Alex Carlson-Farmington-Didn't stand out a whole lot, but I saw him score two very nice goals on great shots.

Alex Paterson-Austin-I had watched him play in the Section 1A semifinals and he gave up a three goals, though it was tough to blame him for any of them. He played excellent this weekend though, especially on Saturday when he really held his team in the game. He's very quick and flexible, though sometimes he relies on his glove a little too much.

Kyle Henkermeyer/Jeremy Streit/Tommy Whippler-Sauk Rapids-It definitely helps playing on a line with guys you're familiar with in a tournament like this, but it's hard to ignore how many goals this line scored. I believe Streit was tied for the scoring lead in the tournament after two days.

Beau Meyers-Beck-Defenseman-Woodbury-Not incredibly talented, but he's got great size and strength. Maybe he could learn the rest with a couple years of juniors.

Jack Baer-St. Thomas Academy-A little small, but he's got good speed and stick-handling ability.