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Frozen Four Linkorama

Oh yeah, I guess the biggest weekend of our sport is this weekend, so I should probably talk about it.

We'll start with the Wisconsin Hockey Blog which had it's own version of Frozen Four Linkorama.

If you're interested in goaltenders, Wisconsin Hockey Blog broke down the goaltending match-up in one semifinal, while Goon's World broke the match-up in the other semi-final.

CC Hockey Blog has a few ramblings about the tournament so far and the games this weekend.

The NMU Hockey Blog looks back at one of the craziest championship games ever.

I've always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Inside College Hockey. Their coverage lately has been a good example of why.

What's the deal with this Frozen Four graphic they made? College hockey doesn't need to associate itself with low-quality beer.......any moreso than it already is, I guess.

On the plus side, this week's found on a cocktail napkin segment is pretty funny.

On the minus side, they give a great example of why I'll never do a live-blogging. Sure the guy deserves credit for sitting through an entire Michigan State snoozefest without slitting his wrists(though as a former MSU employee, he's been trained by some of the most boring hockey ever), but stuff like:

"12:04 p.m. – Jeff Pietrasiak is introduced as the Wildcats’ starting goaltender, over Kevin Regan. They are both decent goalies, but that’s not exactly like choosing between Dunkin’ Donuts and Tim Horton’s. And yes, I make that analogy because I’m staring down a 24 oz. "Great One" coffee from the Dunk. "

isn't exactly Faulknerian. I don't even know what means. Are Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's good? Are they bad? Is it tough to choose between the two? Is it easy? I need my blankie.

That said, is there any interest in me doing a live blog for the championship game on Saturday?

ESPN hockey guy John Buccigross tried to give props to the Frozen Four and totally missed the mark. Normally I don't like to complain when the mainstream media tries to cover college hockey, but college hockey has so much more to offer than just "being different from other sports." You could tell Buccigross didn't put a lot of effort or research into the piece.

There was one slightly amusing thing about his article. Remember in high school English class when your teacher told you that your essays should roughly resemble a drawing of a human body, with the head or intro being about 10%, the body making up the bulk, and then the closing being like 10%? Buccigross' opening is 500 words
in a 1200 word article. Nothing better than a token college hockey article where more than 40% of it has nothing to do with college hockey.

I had to stay up until 3 in the morning to do it, but I did find something about ESPN that didn't totally suck. Remember that "Through the Fire: The Sebastien Telfair Story" DVD they kept pushing during the NCAA hockey regionals? I got a chance to watch the end of it last night on ESPN and it was excellent. It's not worth going out and buying the DVD, but if you get a chance to watch it on TV, I'd recommend it.

And as a late edition: The official North Dakota facial hair blog!